Services– The Youth Assistance Program seeks to identify children who may be at risk and provide voluntary services to assist the child and family with meeting identified needs. In order to change the trajectory of at-risk youth, it is essential to make meaningful connections to prosocial peers and adults in the community and to form lasting, ongoing relationships for children as they encounter challenges during critical life stages.
• Counseling for Youth and Families
• Youth Anger Management Classes
• Parenting Classes
• Match Adult Mentors with Youth
• Family/Youth Coordination of Services
• Food and Clothing Assistance
• Camp and Recreation Opportunities
• Tutoring Assistance
• Attendance and Truancy Support

The Early Intervention Advocate will interview, conduct assessments, perform crisis intervention, and recommend a plan, provide casework services to assist with implementing the plan and monitor progress of such plan.

Where services are available in the community, the Early Intervention Advocate will utilize local resources as a collaborative approach to helping youth and families. Identified needs for the community will be assessed for program development of projects by the Shelby County Youth Assistance Program. Volunteers will be recruited to work with the program in a variety of areas, including one-on-one mentors, tutors for youth in the program, and other supports or services as needed to engage the community in the program.