The Shelby County Youth Assistance Tutoring Program assists youth with meeting academic goals, creating opportunities for enrichment, and increasing skills and competencies.

What is involved?

The tutor’s role is to take the lead in supporting youth in reaching their academic potential, serve as a role model, strive for mutual respect, build self esteem and motivation, help set goals and work toward accomplishing them, and assist with homework assignments, organization, and skill-building.

Is tutoring for you?

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Make a one-year/one school-year commitment
  • Spend one school period per week or one tutoring session per week
  • Attend orientation, training, and program recognition events
  • Have a clean criminal history

How do IĀ get started?

Please complete the tutoring program application by clicking on the form below.

Tutor Application